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New Year new job: taking the next steps in your career

New Year New Career

The festive season is upon us, which means the new year isn’t far behind. Amongst the excitement of Christmas, we begin to think about the year ahead and the changes we can make. In the spirit of new beginnings, it’s not uncommon for professionals to start seeking new opportunities within their careers. With the new […]
Navigating recruitment in a candidate-driven market

Navigating recruitment in a candidate-driven market

Navigating the recruiting field can sometimes be difficult. The world of recruitment can be a minefield but it’s also very rewarding. Recruiters, employers, and candidates alike often hear the term ‘candidate-driven market.’ But what exactly does this mean? What is a candidate-driven market? A candidate-driven market is exactly what it sounds like. It can only […]
Why should you utilise a recruitment agency?

Why should you utilise a recruitment agency?

When it comes to hiring, finding the perfect candidate can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Likewise, job hunting and finding the perfect role for you is no walk in the park either. I’m sure we all know the basic purpose of a recruitment agency is to help job seekers find a role that fits […]
Man working from home

The office life at home: Pros and cons

Before the pandemic, remote working was far from the norm in the UK. However, since the start of COVID-19, the number of people working from home has increased dramatically. More and more employers are starting to adopt hybrid working. So… what are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to work from home? Pro: Working […]
Why are workers and employers ghosting each other

Why are workers and employers ghosting each other

Have you ever experienced ghosting in the world of work? From candidates cutting off communication early in the interviewing process to completely skipping interviews, 28% of job seekers say they’ve ghosted an employer. 76% of employers say they’ve been ghosted in the past 12 months and 77% of job seekers have been ghosted by an […]
job search

How to decide if a job is right for you

Is this job a good match for me? A question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another. When searching for a new job or career change, it’s important to consider more than just the role itself. The salary and job responsibilities are usually at the forefront of our minds. No matter […]
added benefits at work

Added Benefits at Work

So, you’ve finally found your perfect candidate: what’s next? After hours of carefully sifting through CVs and holding countless interviews, you’ve found the person that best fits the role your company is offering. Management has signed off and it’s time to get the ball rolling. Despite your lucrative offer, they’ve decided to take a job […]
job vacancies

ONS report record numbers of Job Vacancies

According to government statistics, there are a higher number of job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK. Figures released on 17th May 2022 from the Office for National Statistics show that the number of job vacancies in April 2022 rose to a record 1,295,000. Despite the employment rate of 16 – 64-year-olds being 75.7%, […]
LinkedIn Use on Phone for Searching For Jobs

How To Use LinkedIn Effectively in Your Job Search

Over 91% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find the perfect candidates to fill their roles. This and many other reasons are why you need to not only have a LinkedIn profile but also know how to use it effectively! LinkedIn is often described as the social network for professionals and companies. Its main objective […]
A recruiter trying to shake your hand

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter

When job hunting it is likely that you will come across recruiters. You might seek them out on your own or are head hunted for matching a possible job role. Either way, it is important you know how to effectively work with a recruiter. This is so you can make the most out of the […]